Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick on Their Broadway Reunion: “I’m Just Glad We Don’t Have to Walk Around in Towels!”

“This play gives a peek into a world we’re not really privy to,” explains Matthew Broderick of Terrence McNally‘s backstage comedy, It’s Only a Play, a few days before its opening. “It’s like seeing what goes on in the locker room with Derek Jeter.” Without missing a beat, his co-star Nathan Lane quips, “I’m just glad we don’t have to walk around in towels!” As the two banter with McNally, lobbing such names as Mike Nichols,Dana Ivey and Jimmy Coco around like baseballs and joking about who’s going to show up on opening night in a tracksuit, their chatter sounds remarkably like the boldface-name-drenched dialogue of the play, which McNally, 74, has updated from his 1982 off-off Broadway original with references to theater and pop culture figures from Harvey Fierstein and Frank Langella toLady Gaga and Shia LaBeouf.


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